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The History

2,200 years ago, the northwest region of China gave birth to the Qin dynasty, one of many that would shape China’s early history. As the first emperor, the warriors of Qin Shi Huang’s armies unified the vast expanses of ancient China, ushering in many advances along the way.


While they may be ancient history, the emperor and his legacy live on in numerous ways. The world-famous Terracotta Warriors, most of which are still entombed to this very day, are one of many examples of a brief but majestic civilization that brought a new wave of wealth and culture to the world.


While many aspects of this dynasty have been lost to history, one important example of that great heritage has long been integral in the daily lives of local inhabitants of Lanzhou: their Lanzhou noodles.


A bowl of noodles dating back to the time of emperor Qin Shi Huang was unearthed in a tomb in northwest China in 2005, confirming the theory that this grand civilization, led by travelling warriors brought with them a special dish, one comprised of beef and noodles made from wheat flour.


Despite thousands of years of evolution, today's Lanzhou noodles still maintain the same appearance and flavor as they did during Qin’s reign. Created by the folk artisans known as "Shifu", they developed techniques of kneading, folding, and pulling wheat flour, producing noodles with a distinct taste and exemplary quality.


At Nuodle, these traditions are alive and well. As you enter, be sure to look through the large, open window to witness the ancient process of master noodle-making play out in a modern setting. Then, experience history in the making with a unique bowl of yellow noodle goodness prepared just for you. Enjoy the unique aroma and flavor of beef and noodles in carefully brewed clear broth, made with clean white turnips, brilliant red chili oil, green cilantro, and a blend of traditional Chinese spices.


The primary nutrient source of Lanzhou beef noodles is the noodle and beef broth. The ingredient of noodles is special flour. Flour is the most ideal and most economical source of human calories. Its lipids have proper physiological functions, can lower cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis.


The broth of Lanzhou beef noodle is cooked by using beef, beef stick bones, beef liver, and other seasonings. The beef meat quality is recognized in the world as green, health, nutrition, and natural food. The vitamin A of the beef liver far exceeds the milk, eggs and other foods can also protect the eyes, maintain healthy vision, prevent eye fatigue and dry, maintain a healthy complexion, and the iron content in the beef liver is very high, is an excellent blood food. Bovine bone marrow is a traditional nutraceutical, rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, and chondroitin.

The amount of calories contained in a bowl of noodles is 813.5 calories, which includes 31.3% of the total calories per day for an adult. Containing 35.7 grams of protein, seven accounted for 44.6% of the total protein in adults a day. Among them, high-quality protein accounts for 50.7%.

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